Movem - Approach

Good digital brand presence doesn't simply happen. It is made - imagined, created, implemented, connected and troubleshot across many levels and in many stages. Only then it can strengthen and reinforce your brand, increase awareness, recognition and sales and trigger customer conversions.

We provide professional 360° support and guidance throughout the entire process, from initial data analysis to implementation of fully fledged, optimized and tailor made campaigns built across select communication channels and flawlessly delivered to the many screens of today's customer.

Data analysis

Information is power, and your brand is rich with it. Every campaign you've ever launched, every online mention, every Facebook comment or blog post - those are not mere events in the life of a brand - no, that's data. Data that, to a trained eye, reveals your exact position in the market landscape and helps us chart the best possible route forward. So allow us to tap into your data and make it work for you!

• cross-channel data mining, analysis and systematization
• inquisitive and thorough approach, no byte overlooked
• tailor made digital brand positioning strategies

Goal projections

It's very important to know where you're going before you even start. We will work with you to help you set your goals reasonably, keeping in mind your brand identity and business challenges - and we'll then do our best to overcome those goals. Rely on us to plan the most cost-effective media mix with excellent completion rates across all digital touch points.

• setting realistic goals that resonate with your brand's data
• charting the best course to fulfilling your key performance indexes
• experienced advisory assistance in the process of media buying

Media planning

In this fast paced, quick to change and fickle digital marketing ecosystem, how can you be sure you're using the right channels to reach your customers? Why, you'd have to be an expert, always in the loop with the latest digital trends. Luckily for you, we are - and we will work with you to set up and implement the most effective digital media plan for your needs.

• methodical digital media planning with your business goals in mind
• cost effective and fast acting media mix suggestions
• inclusive strategies of approach across all digital touch points

Creative solutions

For your brand to cut through the clutter, you need good communication - an idea that's relevant, exciting, fresh and penetrating in concept, copy and art direction. That's what we do - full service digital advertising, always in on the latest trends, relevant above all and done to any scale - from something as simple as a Twitter joke to a fully fledged, mothership campaign that seamlessly integrates online and offline channels.

• professional in house concepting, design, art direction, copy and production
• reliable network of outsourced specialists, battle-tried in some of the best national ad agencies
• plug'n'play, quick to implement creative solutions on any scale

Client service, support and optimization

A project is only done when you say it's done - in the meantime, we will be with you every step of the way - collecting and analyzing data, reporting, coordinating, optimizing, troubleshooting and solving everyday issues and finally rejoicing in the shared success. Rely on us for non-stop support and super fast response rate.

• methodical, statistical analysis of results, distilled into simple reports
• campaign optimization based on systematic data mining
• non-stop support lines and fast response