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Biograd Boat Show

Case study

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We have heard that change is a necessity in this business - only a rolling stone catches no moss. And yet some brands seem to prosper while seemingly avoiding change. How come?

The challenge

Biograd Boat Show is the largest marine and boat show in the central Europe. It takes place in the Biograd's harbor and attracts numerous visitors from all over the world.

Every year the event gets announced on social networks, leading with Facebook. The task is the same every year - call in the attendees and the exhibitors, give them all the news and updates on the show.

The key to success

While researching the sociographic characteristics of our target group, we came to realize that many attendees are returning visitors - even more so when it comes to exhibitors. Most of them are at the show every year and they have already established their own personal relation with the show. This feeling of closeness can be a powerful marketing weapon because people like to be somewhere where they feel familiar.

How we did it

With familiarity in mind, we decided to focus on consistency with clean-cut, simple communication, consistent in tone of voice, visual style and media buying. By doing so, we appropriate the feel-good familiar, home-away-from-home factor of the show that our audience cares about.


As a result, the number of visitors continues to increase every year. Campaign reports also indicate rising numbers, demonstrating that, sometimes, doing nothing is the best thing to do.