The first Croatian #newsjacking - Movem


Case study

Social Media

Good marketing opportunities aren't always orchestrated - sometimes they just happen by themselves and then you need to act fast. If you do, cool things can happen!

The challenge

This time, the challenge came uncalled for - Croatian Railroads (HŽ) threw an open pitch for their new slogan and everyone was free to propose. However, their consistently bad reputation caused by frequent delays and outdated technology inspired a response that HŽ did not anticipate - within days, social networks exploded with funny slogans mocking the fact.

The key to success

Good viral content always comes with a big reach. Such was also the case here. Funny slogans got shared and commented on and people jumped in, writing their own for a bit of fun. And wherever there is a shared interest for online content, you can bet that there is a social media expert taking notice.

So we decided to join in on behalf of Zadar Airports and see what the momentum would bring us.

How we did it

Most mock slogans were found on Twitter, so we decided to act through Zadar Airport's Twitter page. Reusing the hashtag #HŽslogan to attract attention, we served the following tweet to our followers:


The community responded in unison appreciation. The tweet has been shared, commented on and reposted by other media, including TV. Zadar Airport has gained many new followers, a boost in awareness and an increased reach, without a penny spent.

To this day, this initiative remains the most successful national newsjacking case.