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Case study

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Web production

Must a dedicated, custom made webshop always be expensive to build and complicated to maintain? To put it shortly - no, not at all.

The challenge

Nimbus is an industry leading portable essential oil vaporizer that is pushing the envelope on innovation and setting a new standard for stylish design, while providing the most luxurious vaping experience. The brands webpage needed to introduce and explain the products in detail and serve as a webshop with a payment gateway system capable of handling most major credit cards and payment systems such as PayPal - but on a tight budget.

The key to success

It is true that most dedicated, custom made webshops today are expensive. Clients are willing to pay that price because they believe that online financial transactions present a serious security issue that needs to be dealt with using a dedicated system built from the ground up.

However, that is not the case anymore. In fact, commercially available web commerce platforms are just as secure, if not more so, because they have been extensively tested and improved under real life market conditions. But can they be integrated with popular web design platforms?

How we did it

Designed by Manasteriotti DS, the page was developed in Wordpress, a platform that offers responsive design across all devices, ease of use, a flexible CMS system and a variety of attractive and functional design templates.

The fully featured webshop was developed on the flexible Woocommerce platform. All that remained was the job of assembling the premade pieces. The kind folks at Slicejack took care of the houskeeping, and the site was up and running in no time and with only a fraction of the cost of a dedicated custom made system.


Check the results here.