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Airports are a perfect place to make visitors feel welcome and provide all the information and answers they seek. But in order to answer a question, one must first know what the question is.

The challenge

Zadar airport, one of the fastest growing airports in Croatia, channels more than 500.000 travelers every year. In order to boost brand awareness and make their travel experience more enjoyable, a modern, interactive and informative communication strategy was a necessity.

The key to success

In order to achieve a higher level of interaction with travelers, a detailed view into their travel habits, needs and desires was needed. Research provided the figures and within them, a pattern emerged.

What travelers wanted was better and more effective personal care and customer service support. They wanted answers, information, to feel safe and cared for, and they expected to find that online. So, the key to the minds of our consumers, in not so many words, was this: smooth travelling starts online.

How we did it

All three major digital communication channels of Zadar airport - the brand's Facebook page, Twitter and Instagram profiles - were put to use, broadcasting informative content marketing daily. Branded content consisted of neat, relevant and targeted ad campaigns, educated and informative community management, discrete crisis management, tips regarding cheaper flights and the occasional #throwbackthursday trivia to accentuate the brand's open personality.

Strategies were put in place to enable and support user-generated content as well, such as the ubiquitous travel photos, check-ins, reviews and more.


The seamless blend between relevant, informative branded content and the user generated content resulted in favorable figures on all channels of communication, but nowhere as much so as on Facebook. The brand's Facebook page is now visited more often than any other Croatian airport Facebook page, it serves as the very tip of all brand's PR activities and it is frequently a point of reference for national media.

"Movem are professional, reliable, up to date and acquainted with all the latest trends and I'd gladly recommend them to anyone. Their work has instantly been recognized as improvement by many of our customers who visit the site on a daily basis. Kudos to the team!"
Irena Ćosić, general manager