Biokošara - Movem


Case study

Food, Retail
Strategy, Digital Advertising
Social Media, Google AdWords

A newcomer brand with modest marketing budget wants to enter a saturated market? Digital can save the day and here's one way to do it!

The challenge

Biokošara is a small enterprise that sells healthy organic food, supplements and other eco-friendly products and their only point of sale is their online shop. The brand wanted to boost customer awareness, increase conversions and improve the marketing ROI.

The key to success

Research indicated that Biokošara was about to enter a saturated market, ruled by powerful competition - Bio&Bio, DM, Kozmo, Bio Svijet Zadar - with superior marketing budgets and high brand awareness.

So the first point of contact with the target group was accomplished through community management. To provide our future customers with answers they were looking for, we had to acquire specific knowledge about various health benefits of Biokošara's products. The knowledge proved to be instrumental in building an effective customer care strategy.

How we did it

The client wanted digital, so the budget was split between the brand's Facebook page and AdWords account.

Both channels were regularly updated with relevant quality content such as related news, links, tips and clever product placement. 24/7 community management and support was executed by staff with extensive knowledge of the products and their benefits.


After two months of strategic communication and superior customer care, the number of likes, interactions and social media driven conversions increased to match the numbers of major competitors.

"It was extremely important to turn our newly opened web store's Facebook page into an attractive marketing channel - one that's well planned, strategically solid and effective in and achieving conversion and increasing visits and likes. Movem has met all my expectations and although their service is not the cheapest, the overall workmanship, attention to detail and quality seen in their work, numerous personalized visuals and Google AdWords make working with Movem a truly satisfying experience."
Agnes Csoka, owner